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ImmunoACT's CAR T cell platform

  • Majority of the commercially available CAR-T cell therapies are accompanied with severe toxicity profile.

  • Available CAR-T cell therapy is extremely expensive and socio-economic challenges hinders the therapeutic index and accessibility of CAR-T cells in a majority of the patients who could benefit from this therapy worldwide.

  • Besides the prohibitive cost of CAR-T therapy, there are additional costs of ancillary services (intensive-care unit etc.) making CAR-T cell therapy inaccessible to patients in countries with limited resources.

Our solution

  • From ideation to clinic-ready products is the centrum of our innovation and technology development program.

  • ImmunoACT's patented CAR-T cell platform provides a unique design algorithm to develop novel CAR-T cells.

  • ImmunoACT's unique CARs design results into favourable balance of efficacy and toxicity.

  • Our unique designs and capabilities of manufacturing patient-scale CAR-T cells in cGMP settings paves the path  to reach the incurable patients, particularly in low-resource settings.

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