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CAR T cell therapy : anti-cancer army


CAR Ts : Engineering autologous immune cells for cancer and beyond oncology

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  • CAR T-cell therapy is recent breakthrough innovation in cell and gene therapy, uses a patient’s own immune system cells to kill cancer cells.

  • To make CAR T cells, scientists collect a sample of a patient’s T cells from the blood and engineer them to sprout special structures called chimeric antigen receptors on their surface. When these CAR T cells are re-injected into the patient, the receptors help the T cells identify and attack cancer cells.

  • CAR T cells are a form of cellular therapy that has produced exceptional results in many patients and is being tested against a variety of different cancer types.

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Global cancer treatment revolution

  • After decades of tireless efforts from Dr. Carl June and his team, CAR-T cell therapy is a proven technology for the long-term cure of cancer, especially for certain types of blood cancers.

  • USFDA approved first CAR T cell product for commercialisation in 2017 for certain types of leukemia and lymphoma.

  • Supported by a growing investment into CAR-T research and landmark approvals of the CAR-T cell therapies, many companies from start-ups to established organizations are entering in this space worldwide.

USFDA                    2017                            2017                            2020                        2021


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CAR design: Comes in all shapes and sizes

Generations of CAR : design modification

Plethora of CAR-immune cells

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