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Our technology

Unique platform to craft novel humanized CAR

Manufacturing patient-scale CAR-T cells in cGMP compliant settings: ensuring high quality CAR-T cells to all patients


Actual image of CAR (HCAR19)

Actual image of CAR (HCAR19)


  • Cancer treatment remains a challenge through conventional therapies leading to high mortality.

  • CAR-T cells, a type of cell and gene therapy with "intent to cure" platform are not available at any price in India and other countries with low-resources. ​

  • Cost of available CAR-T cell therapy overseas is prohibitive (~400,000-500,000 USD per patient).

  • Additional costs of ancillary services (intensive-care unit etc.) makes CAR-T cell therapy extremely expensive (~1million USD per patient).

  • Majority of the commercially available CAR-T cell therapies are also associated with severe toxicity profile.

Our Solution

  • CAR-T cell therapy is highly efficacious in curing certain cancers especially Leukemia and Lymphoma, and is a globally proven technology.​

  • From ideation to clinic-ready products: core of our innovation.​

  • ImmunoACT's patented CAR-T cell platform provides a unique design algorithm to develop novel CAR-T cells.​

  • ImmunoACT's first product, HCAR19, showed favourable balance of efficacy and toxicity.​​​​​

  • Our unique GMP-compliant manufacturing process allows us to produce high-quality affordable CAR-T cells.


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