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Pioneer in India's first indigenous CAR-T cell therapy

Light Bulb

ImmunoACT: an IIT Bombay spin-off company, incubated at SINE

Driving India's first CAR-T cell therapy

Full stack company: Research to commercialisation 

India ranks second in global cancer mortality

Screenshot 2021-08-02 20_edited.png

Very high number of patients relapse and/or refractory to conventional therapies: Leukaemia and Lymphoma*

Screenshot 2021-08-02 20_edited.png

High response rate: CAR-T cells are highly effective compared to chemotherapy, biologics and bone marrow transplant

* Based on inputs from multiple centres in India

CAR-T cells: beacon of hope for the incurable 

Deploying smarter cells to eliminate cancer and autoimmune disorders


ImmunoACT Technology

Platform for novel, robust and safer CAR-T cells 

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